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Steve Ridgway prints for the Ben' Fund.

After the closure of the Brandon track shop we were given a collection of Steve Ridgway scratchboard prints. These are limited editions (of 150 or 200) and signed by the artist. We have quite a range but very few of each one, so hurry!


Steve has very kindly allowed us to sell the prints with all proceeds to be donated to the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund.


All prints are approximately 45cms x 32cms and are priced at £15/each (includes postage within UK). Click on the image for a larger view.


Payments can be made via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque.

Please send all enquiries to


The Flying Kiwi and the Great Dane


Ivan Mauger and Ole Olsen.


Five prints available.

The Wizard and the Fox


Peter Craven and Ove Fundin.


Six prints available.




A Match for Anyone


Ivan Mauger, Ronnie Moore & Barry Briggs


Please contact the artist directly as he may run some more prints.

The South Western Derby


Martin Ashby and Bob Kilby.


Only one print available.

The Pride of the Lions


Les Collins and Bruce Penhall.


Only two prints available.


Soren and Benga


Soren Sjosten and Bengt Jansson.


Only two available.

Yorkshire Derby


Charlie Monk and Eric Boocock.


Only two available.

Hackney Legends


Barry Thomas, Colin Pratt and Bengt Jansson.




Diamonds Legends


Tom Owen, Ivan Mauger and Joe Owen.


Only one print available.

The King of Dudley Wood


Erik Gundersen and Hans Nielsen.


Only one available.

Simmo and PC


Malcolm Simmons and Peter Collins.


Only two available.

On Top of the World


Ray Wilson and Terry Betts.


Only six available.

Hurriken and Broady


Ken McKinlay and Mike Broadbank.


Six prints available.

Ronnie and Little Boy Blue


Ronnie Moore and Nigel Boocock


Seventeen available.


Jack and the White Ghost


Jack Young and Ken le Breton


Only four available.

'The future of British speedway begins here'


Nigel Pearson seen here at the Brandon Club with our new banner.

We are really saddened by what has been allowed to happen at Brandon but it will be business as usual at the NSSC as long as we continue to receive your great support. We will endeavour to continue to provide interesting evenings and events with the sole purpose to raise funds for Neil Vatcher and the GB Young Lions.


2019 Sponsorship Update !!!


We are pleased to announce that we will be increasing our financial support for the Young Lions in the 2019 season. 


We will be donating £2500 to Neil Vatcher to help encourage and support young British riders. Since we started supporting the Young Lions U16's in 2012 we have now donated a total of £9500.

Proceeds from NSSC's events are used to help Neil Vatcher and the Young Lions so a very big thank you to everybody who supports these events and especially those riders, team managers, promoters, referees and the media who give up their time to entertain us.


We have also had a windfall from the sale of memorabilia rescued from Brandon and donated to the NSSC by Coventry Motor Speedway Ltd.

A Celebration of British Youth Speedway at the NSSC (2016)


The Young Lions Management held a “Celebration of British Speedway night” at the Nuneaton Speedway Supporters Club,  Brandon, Coventry on Saturday night to celebrate the success of all the 2016 British Champions.


With over 100 people in attendance, which included 6 of the 7 2016 British Champions, Danny King (Senior), Josh Bates (Under 21), Max Clegg (Under 19), Kyle Bickley (500cc Youth), Nathan Ablitt (150cc Youth) and Dan Thompson (125cc Youth).

The 250cc Youth Champion Leon Flint unfortunately was unable to attend due to a family illness.


Steve Brandon from Sky Sports compared the evening, and did a fantastic job interviewing the 6 British Champions who were in attendance, and along with GB Youth Boss Neil Vatcher, a number of the British Youth Sponsors.


Vatcher said, “Saturday was yet another first for the Young Lions to organise such an amazing and enjoyable evening and would like to thank the members of the Nuneaton Supporters Club for hosting us, and also to Brando for doing such a great job on the mic, and to all the riders and supporters who came along”.


“Thoughts are already in place on how we do it bigger and better next year” Vatcher said, and quoted with a cheeky smile, “perhaps we might think about organising a Big Awards night involving all of British Speedway with the proceeds going back to supporting the British Youth!”


To view a video of the evening please click here

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