NSSC Sponsorship

NSSC Sponsorship. Where our money comes from and where it goes to.


All profits from the 50/50 Draw held at Coventry Speedway were donated directly to the Coventry Bees and Coventry Storm riders. This fundraising is completely separate from Club events and ceased at the end of the 2016 season. Please find more information here


All profits raised from Club events are used to sponsor the GB Young Lions.


Memorabilia donated by Coventry Racing Club Ltd in November 2016 was sold in order to raise funds to help support the British Young Lions. 


For more information on British Youth Speedway & the Young Lions, take a look at their website

Sponsorship totals under the current committee. (since 2004)


A grand total of £56,584 from proceeds of the 50/50 Draw donated to Bees and Storm riders.

A grand total of £12,700 from Club funds donated to Juniors and Storm riders appearing in 2nd Half events at Brandon.


Young Lions sponsorship since 2012. (Total over £21,000)


2012 U16's £500. U21's £957.

2013 U16's £500. U21's £522.

2014 U16's £500. U19's £640.

2015 U16's £550.

2016 U16's £1500.

2017 U16's £1500.

2018 U16's £2000.

2019 U16's £2500.

2020 U16's/U19's £1500.

2021 U16's/U19's £2000.

2022 U16's/U19's £2000.

2023 U16's/U19's £2000.

2024 U16's/U19's £2000.

Proceeds from NSSC's events are used to help Neil Vatcher and the GB Young Lions so a very big thank you to everybody who supports these events and especially those riders, team managers, promoters, referees and the media who give up their time to entertain us.


We have also had a windfall from the sale of memorabilia rescued from Brandon and donated to the NSSC by Coventry Motor Speedway Ltd.

British U-19 Championship - sponsored by the NSSC 2014


Coventry asset Oliver Greenwood was crowned British Under-19 Champion at Kent earlier this week, with current British U-21 chamption Josh Bates in second and Jack Kingston third.


The Championship was sponsored by the NSSC and Treasurer Russell Bott presented the trophies to second and third placed riders.


You can hear more from new British U-19 Champion Oliver Greenwood here


Overall points: Oliver Greenwood 15, Josh Bates 14, Jack Kingston 13, Nathan Greaves 11, Luke Harris 9, Kelsey Dugard 8, Danno Verge 8, Ellis Perks 8, Connor Mountain 8, Adam Portwood 6, Jamie Couzins 6, Macauley Leek 5, Scooter Webster 4, Layne Cupitt 2, Sean Phillips 1, Danyon Hume 1.


Photo © Elizabeth Leslie

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